As an example of Jacqueline's mosaic pet portraits, "Soleil" demonstrates the remarkably life-like image she creates from opalescent glass from your photograph.  With one or two self-taught secret techniques up her sleeve, she hand-cuts and places literally thousands of tiny pieces of glass together to re-create the image into a three-dimensional, wrap-around work of art - worthy of prime real-estate space on your walls or gallery. 

With strategic shadings and placement and many, many hours of work, the resulting work will become the focus and conversation piece you will treasure as the reflected light works with the opal glass to create depth, warmth and subtle, ever-changing colors as the day turns from sunny to shade or to night.   

The glass Jacqueline selects is produced by three of the United States' glass companies which maintain only the highest standards of creation and production; mainly Uroboros, Spectrum and Bullseye. 

Jacqueline works from your close-up head-shot posed image and can be submitted either as a printed photograph or as a jpeg image.  Two in one also available for a nominal extra charge.  Price below is the minimum for a 2-3 sq.ft. size.  Price increases with size.

Shades of black and white or color available - your choice!


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