Animal Ultrasuede Vanity Purse Mirror

Animal Ultrasuede Vanity Purse Mirror



Measuring 3"X 3", these adorable Vanity Purse Mirrors are made with a matching drawstring bag in high quality fabric - some is actually heirloom and/or vintage.  They fit right in your purse - available for a quick lipstick touch-up right at the table.  Perfect for restaurants or when a dinner guest in someone's home.  The bag is roomy enough for a lipstick, small comb and/or even a credit card or cash if you don't feel like lugging a large purse around. 

Fabricated in the potichomania fashion - decoration under glass.  Each one  is made with high quality non-distorting mirror with the design on the reverse side matching its own drawstring bag.  Unique complimenting beads complete the design - of which no two are exactly alike - making yours a unique work of art as well as highly functional. 

These charming purse mirrors make great gifts.  Many designs to select from - Jacqueline also will make custom ones to order - generally at no extra charge. 

Featured in the Boston Globe Magazine, they have sold in several galleries and boutiques and have become one of Jacqueline's most popular gift items.  

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