Boston Globe Magazine Article about Vanity Purse Mirrors

Boston Globe Magazine Article about Vanity Purse Mirrors

The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine article introducing Jackie's Vanity Purse Mirrors and creating literally overnight  exploding interest and sales in the entire New England  seaboard. 

Living and working on Cape Cod at the time, Jackie was creating each mirror in their adorable little matching drawstring bags as fast as she could as they became immediately sought by local retailers (galleries and boutiques) with orders by the dozens.  The phone started ringing so early that Sunday morning,  Jackie hadn't even had a chance to see the article. 

At the time, primarily working with brides/and or wedding planners - Jackie's custom mirrors became one of the most unique and special keepsakes being fabricated by hand in the area for several years.  Using custom colors, fabrics and styles, Jackie's mirrors are still one of her best sellers.  Priced to sell, Jackie enjoys planning new designs as fast as they fly out her collection. 

After her move to California, interest followed and Jackie's mirrors have been featured in Laguna Beach's most prestigious boutiques and Long Beach Art Museum's gift shop.